Hervey Bay

The warmer summer months ( November to March) are the prime months to fish the flats of Hervey Bay . The region offers magnificent flats fishing for Golden Trevally , Queenfish and Giant Trevally the blue water scene has Spotted Mackeral, Mack Tuna, Bluefin Tuna , Cobia etc.

Sightcasting to 20 lb Golden Trevally is the reason alot of people choose to fish Hervey Bay - it can be one of the most reliable places in Australia to
tangle with these wily monsters of the flats - there is nothing quite like the nervous anticipation of seeing a group of 'Goldies' mooch there way down a crystal clear flat to ward the bow of the well positioned skiff. We will instruct you on where and when to cast - after that hold on tight.

Most seasons sees a run of small black marlin inside Hervey Bay, when these wonderfull sportsfish are around we target them in the shallow waters of northern Fraser Island. These are big days with 100 miles plus under the
hull - however the chance of sightcasting a free swimming black marlin of
30 to 50 lbs makes it more than worthwhile.

Tuna are regularly targeted in the region - Mackeral Tuna ( similar to False Albacore) and Longtail tuna are our main target - the Macks grow to 8 or so kilos with the big bruiser Longtails up to 18 -20 kilos. When the tides and conditions are suitable we actually sightcast  Longtail tuna ( and the Macks as well) in the shallow waters adjacent to Fraser Island. Tuna on the flats,  you wouldnt believe the adrenalin rush !

Call or email AFO to secure the best tides and dates for our  Hervey Bay season.