Flies used on the species we target here in Australia are many and varied. It's hard to go past the humble clouser as a 'do all' fly, not many fly anglers would leave home without a few. 

Clousers in various sizes and weights are recomended - size 2 to 2/0 in white, white /yellow, white /chartruese, white/tan and black/ orange are a good start. Flash tail clousers (made simply by tying in an extended amount of flash then trimming - if required - when out on the water work great. 

The toad fly has proven itself to be a classic - all green 'green cooky' toads work well on a wide variety of species. A couple of years ago we were fishing for some particularly fussy golden trevally (unusual but it can happen !) , after tying on and presenting a green toad one of the fish raced and inhaled the fly as if it was a live yabby ! 
The same scenario has occured with barramundi in gin clear water ... not many fish can resist the slow and subltle life like movement of a well presented toad fly. Suggested sizes are 2 to 2/0 in green, green/ white, black, black/purple , white, white/pink and white/tan. 
Weed guards are a must chasing Barramundi in the shallow mangrove roots. The short mono spikes similar to the style EP uses on his patterns are my favourite.

Chris Beech is our go to fly source, he ties for our guides and our clients, so he's in touch with what works and what's needed to get the job done.
Chris Beech.... beechfly@optusnet.com.au

We are always working on flies as you never rest until you find the perfect pattern. These flies are a good start, all tied by Nat.