Dave Bradley has drawn his guiding experience from many years of fishing with some of northern Australia’s finest anglers in the north’s premier locations as well as guiding areas all over Queensland, north into PNG and numerous extended trips across the Pacific and the Carribean.

Guiding since '97, Dave is passionate about and feels right at home in shallow water targeting and sight fishing his favourite species. He has shown his passion for shallow water by being the only guide in the country to operate a purpose built poling boat, a Maverick 18 HPX.
Experiences drawn from years of guiding clients in a multitude of waters, both inshore flats and offshore puts Dave in front of the crowds.
Searching for new waters and improving techniques and doing it with a casual yet professional attitude is his approach to guiding.

Ian Kucurs
Ian has been guiding around the north since 2004, living and guiding at Lake Tinaroo he is responisble for putting many people onto the biggest fish of their life, holds a couple of IGFA records and has been guiding for us around the West coast of Cape York since 2006. Ian and Dave regularly fish the Hinchinbrook Fly Tournament, winning it the one time they got out of bed early enough to make breakfast.

Ian runs a custom alloy boat and also guides at Hinchinbrook at busy times.

Jon(Snelly) Snell, born and raised in Hervey Bay, Jon has fished alot of Queensland from Thursday Island, Cape York to be now living in Cairns.
Jon certainly knows the in's and out's of saltwater flyfishing and has his area wired, he knows Cairns Offshore and rivers well and down at Hinchinbrook during the busy times.

Amos Mapleston

Amos began flyfishing as a teenager, catching fish in the estuary systems of the Sunshine Coast of  southern Queensland. After completing a University degree in Marine Bio he turned his interest in fish and coastal ecosystems into work in fisheries research. Contributing to projects up and down the coast of Queensland, across to Canada and south to Tasmania. The last 15 years spent collecting information about the various fisheries sustainability, management and species conservation give Amos a unique perspective on fish and fishing the complex ecosystems of northern Australia.
Away from work Amos has spent as much time as possible flyfishing the flats  of the area and into the upper reaches of the freshwater streams. Amos's passion about the fishing and enviroment in north Queensland make him a great addition to the AFO guide team

Al Simson

Al was born and raised in Coquitlam, BC Canada and has been fishing since the age of 2, he took up flyfishing and tying at age 11. Tying flies for 2 flyshops in Vancover started his fly tying career and not looked back.

Al's first trip to Australia was in "95 when he travelled the entire country then
returning soon after to guide and skipper for Carpentaria Seafaris on the western Cape York peninsula. Al now lives in Cairns, guides and ties flies commerically.
Visit Al's site to check out his amazing flies.

Andrew ( Chozza) Chorley
Andrew is a lifelong resident of Hervey Bay, a true local. He has been flyfishing the waters surrounding Hervey Bay for 15 years targeting all the species on offer through the area. 

This range of species and experience has given Andrew the ability to adapt to a range of local fishing scenarios and situations. Andrews hard work ethic, easy going attitude and local knowledge makes for an enjoyable day on the water and an obvious choice for our AFO Hervey Bay guide.

Craig Daly from Clearwater Flyfishing Guides has lived in Thredbo Village in the heart of the Snowy Mountains for the last 15 years. He is a passionate flyfisherman , whether casting a tiny dry fly to a small rising rainbow in a creek or launching a big wet to a cruising big brown in one of the lakes it is all great fun. And that is what fly fishing this area is all about fun.Not only is the fishing addictive but the scenery is amazing. Surrounded by the biggest mountains in Australia. The area is dotted with lakes and rivers full or trout. Craig is a licenced tour operator and a FFF (Federation Fly Fishers) certified casting instructor.He runs classes for novices teaching the basics of casting, And guides the more experienced teaching the finer points of fooling the trout. The rivers are open for fishing from the long weekend in October to June long weekend. Most lakes are open all year.

Justin Duggan
 As Sydney's only saltwater Flyfishing specialist, Justin's pride is sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm, making your day informative as well as fun. As a federation of flyfishers certified casting instructor Justin is also able to offer you private casting tuition, whether beginner or advanced.

So when it's flyfishing or sport fishing in Sydney Justin will give you the most experienced and informative guiding available.

Gjuro Bruer is our Florida contact he runs a guiding operation across a large area from the Florida Keys in spring,  Florida Panhandle is summer and across to Missisipi and Louisianna through winter. 

We may just see him here in Oz a little more in the future.
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