Hewes Redfishers

As Australian representatives for Hewes and Maverick Boats we are pleased to announce that the 2018 Redfishers 16 and 18 models and Maverick HPX's are now rolling off the assembly line and ready to be shipped. These boats being quality built products are in high demand and held with high regard in the USA.
A lot of misconceptions about how these skiffs ride and how dry they run through chop. We have skiffs all over the country if you want to try it out for yourself.


When Bob Hewes started building boats his goal was simple-create the best all around, light tackle shallow-water boat available. Today, that goal hasn't changed but almost everything else has. Over fifty years of experience has taught us a lot about building light tackle boats. That experience and passion is expressed nowhere better than the new Hewes models.

These boats are lighter, stronger, faster and safer with revolutionary new hull designs, state-of-the-art construction techniques, and more fishing-smart features than any other shallow-water boat on the market.

The Hewes Redfishers are truly angler inspired. They are designed and constructed with the absolute latest in marine technologies and materials. Each boat has been substantially improved from both a technology and fishing point-of-view. Our ideas and methods are all tested on the water, in real world fishing conditions by the Hewes factory teams. That's why the handcrafted skiffs built by Hewes perform better, are more versatile, easier to maintain, traditionally hold higher value and are just plain better boats to own.

What hasn't changed about the new models is the Hewes spirit and over a 50-year legacy of experience, innovation, quality and value. These things will always be standard features in our boats.

 Nat Bromhead one of our retired guides ran an 18 Redfisher in Hervey Bay for several years, this boat has proven itself in Hervey Bays varying conditions and shown to be an exceptional boat to flyfish from. 
Jon (Snelly) Snell has run his 18 Redfisher based in Cairns and fishing from offshore to inshore Hinchinbrook since 2010 now. Equipped with a 115hp and a 24v Motorguide it's a very versitile fishing machine.

The boat has a number of standout features, probably most noticable is how quiet the boat sits in the water, wether poling the flats or under power there is virtually no hull slap or noise, and this translates to more fish. 

The Hewes hulls are also unbeleivably dry and comfortable thanks to the 50 year evolution of the hull design.

The Redfishers 'little brother', the Hewes Bonefisher 16 was reviewed way back in Flylife Magazine Issue # 8, heres an exerpt from that review -
"The 16 footer is the smallest in the range but this is a very big boat in it's capacity as a sportfishing vessel and I simply cannot imagine a better boat for any inshore fishing. Dont let the low height of the sides of this boat fool you, it handles a mean inshore chop with ease and the cockpit is self draining