April in the north

Posted by Dave on Saturday, 27th July, 2013 at 3:36 PM
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April brings the start of our busy season, the Melbourne group usually kick things off. A very casual approach and good times. Barramundi fishing had a strange pause in later April into May, there was extreme weather occurrence that dropped water temps drastically and flooded the area with freshwater.
Perhaps that was it because the Barramundi just switched off for an extended period.

No one said impossible!
There are plenty of species around all year, Flathead, Tarpon, Threadfin Salmon and Queenfish just to name a few...

A trip up the western Cape was a change for the team and a success for the anglers involved, we usually run just a couple of these per year if you want to be involved contact us as early as possible.....

Probably need to be real early on these trips as these guys will all be back for more!