Early Wet

Posted by on Sunday, 28th November, 2010 at 9:16 PM
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It appears we are getting an early wet season, the rain has been consistant around the area for a couple of months, fortunately for us not much of it has affected our fishing areas until recently.
The last time the local Sugar cane crop was this badly affected was in 1973, so it is a very rare occurance.

Barramundi don't seem to mind and if you get half a chance neither does anything else, we have landed a few smaller Golden Trevally and there are plenty of schooling GT's and Queenfish out on the flats because of all the bait pushed out by the rain.

Following an epic shallow water Barramundi session Patrick lost a big Permit at the boat when the hook fell out and had to settle for this little Golden.

Get a chance of some sun and you never know what turns up, this GT was in a foot of water and swam on his side to eat the fly.
The next day we missed a shot on the same size fish in the same situation.

Hinchinbrook season is coming to an end, two more multi day charters and Hervey Bay will be in our sights.
There are limited days at Hervey Bay so if you wish to get a shot at big Golden Trevally on the flats get in now!