Feb to April

Posted by Dave on Thursday, 15th May, 2014 at 3:00 PM
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Not too much happens up here in Feb/March... Rain which always leads to good fishing but fishing in the rain you can catch fish yes but it sure limits where you fish and what for. Clint and Dave did a tour of flyshops and clubs from Sydney to Melbourns in March.. a very sucessful and enjoyable trip, catching up with past clients and meeting prospective new ones.

We also secure what I believe is now the only saltwater flyfishing Lodge in the country. A limited amount of clients at any one time but located in the Port Hinchinbrook Marina, more to come on that..

Kicking off in April, fishing was good, weather was patchy.. Some cool Barramundi fishing as always but limited time on the flats. Goldens and Permit out there when we did get there though.

We just did a couple of weeks at Cape York using a mothership as a base. A terrific time was had by all. A short video will help put you in the picture.