Hinchinbrook April 2012

Posted by Dave on Monday, 7th May, 2012 at 1:56 PM
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After a wet season dragging on my 1st three days at Hinchinbrook were in the rain, thankfully the Barramundi fishing was going great, little jelly prawns were pushing out and the fish were popping them off the top. A little fly was working well, really well some points holding fish after fish not spooked by the fly and us poling in on them..unfortuntaley I didn't get my camera out for this but my Japanese client was over the moon on his 1st Barramundi trip..

The weather got better and the fish had their moments but certainly back on strong now, we had a group of guys from Melbourne that finished off the trip well after a slow start.

Greg and Peter had a couple of days on the flats and their dates are booked for next year! 

Bruce has fished with me many times before back in his lure days, at the age of 67 he decided he was going to be a fly fisher...a couple of deadset unlucky missed bites from Permit, 3 Goldens and a couple of smaller fish were not a bad start for his 1st day on the flats!
Barramundi, Tarpon, Black Jew, Giant Herring and many more species are now ticked off his list no doubt more to come.

A little Aussie Tarpon, we caught stacks of these little guys and some much bigger, could have stayed there all day....