July/August 2014

Posted by Dave on Sunday, 26th October, 2014 at 12:47 PM
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Late June and July is often holiday time for the AFO crew. It's a little into a short winter and a good time to target other species. We sneak away for an annual Milkfish assult but that is just a tease because you may need to wait for someone to retire before a spot opens on those trips...

Late July I got home just in time to fish with a great Father and son team from the USA, a client of a US guide friend and good fun people.

High on young Marlin's list, a Barramundi and an Aussie Tarpon.

Ian Smith makes August his Permit month generally, one bite the hook fell out the 2nd a hook broke.. tragic..but some good 2nd prizes, casting to tailing Golden Trevally.

Also a few new anglers that are destined to returned to tangle with Hinchinbrook again.

The season 2015 is filling very fast, many of our anglers taek the same week every year.
So if you want to get in next year it's time to contact us via the site