Milkfish on Cape York

Posted by Dave on Wednesday, 1st August, 2012 at 10:17 AM
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Well it's winter again and time for our annual Milkfish runs in western Cape York.
I was over chasing Silver in Florida, so Shannon and Clint went up and put the guys into some great fishing. Here's a taste of what happened...

Clint preparing for a big day

 We call him Barra Smith but he's not bad on the Milkfish either!

Above Shannon with a Permit, right Phil Barra Smith with his namesake and a Golden Trevally

           Nicks best Milkfish

     Johnny Betts has to go one better

Talking to the guys the trip went well, there were plenty of fish and different species, Saratoga, Queenfish, Tarpon and many more...the guys have rebooked for next year on the same July timing and the next trip see us up there tomorrow. A report to follow.

Shannon with a Permit