Milkfish & Permit

Posted by Dave on Sunday, 28th August, 2011 at 10:20 PM
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When the worms came to town at Cape York the Milkfish did their part, turning up right on que and feasting on the spawning run.
The guys all caught several Milkfish and half a dozen Permit between the 5 of them.
There were several Grandslams in their as well, Permit, Tarpon and Milkfish in one session...the local aboriginals elders actually call Milkfish "Bonefish"

This spawning run of these worms now seems solid as to it's timing and future trips are already booked for the optimum times in 2012.
The largest Milkfish, measured 120cm, not weighed just release as soon as possible.

Returning from the Cape with one day to get things together before Doug and Ken arrive for an annual Hinchinbrook adventure, cooler temps and high winds kept Barramundi a little slow but Permit season is on!

 Ken and Doug with a couple of Permit each under clear skies, the guys were wearing spray jackets to keep warm, unusual for late August.

Dates are few and far between for this season, Snelly has some availability.

Book in real early if you want to reserve good tides for next year.

Dave Bradley