Posted by Dave on Sunday, 11th December, 2011 at 10:01 PM
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Well November has brought rain 2 years running, this year was not too bad, but often just enough to keep the perfect sight fishing conditions at bay. There was some good times and some great fishing, both sight fishing and blind casting to likely structure and locations..

Father and son regulars Steve and Tom Cooper hooked to some lively GT's.

Steve with a nice sight cast Barramundi.
We had a great time with Tom and Steve, not doing the best on the Permit but making the most of what was on offer. Sight casting GT's and Barramundi, Tarpon, Queenfish and more..
Andy was back for another shot at Permit, again the cloud sorted that out. The boys were pretty pumped at what Hinchinbrook has to offer, you certainly don't need full sun to sight cast Barramundi in the super shallows.

Too busy catching fish to snap pics off..Andy and Geoff

2012 brings on some exploratory trips to the East coast of Cape York, more details will be available soon. But a little sample of some pretty water and what lies below..