Permit and Milkfish

Posted by on Sunday, 11th July, 2010 at 10:47 AM
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Another great weeks fishing in Northern Australia, winter can bring some great fishing in the north. Just don't tell everyone !

There has been plenty of talk about Australian Inshore Grandslams, my personal choice would be Permit, Golden Trevally and Barramundi but many other species could be considered.

Permit, Milkfish, Golden trevally, Barramundi, Tarpon and Queenfish were all caught several days and another 15 species made the list during the week.

A double hook up on Permit was pretty special...

Some other great fish that made up Inshore slams of some description

For those that might want to experience this great fishery, the next two available dates are Sept 2010, the next available dates are June 2011 onwards. It is very specific timing and tactics for this freak event.

Dave Bradley