Season End 2012

Posted by Dave on Wednesday, 28th March, 2018 at 12:20 PM
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Well season 2012 has come to an end a few days to fish ourselves but no more work until the New Year...
Another week with Neil finished off the season in style. 3 Inshore Slam days, the other 2 saw numbers of great fish come to the boat. Golden Trevally have poured onto the flats some days, being in the right ambush lane makes all the difference.

Most of these fish we release boat side, so just a couple of quick shots and back in for this fish.

The next big news was our boat record landing 6 Permit in one day, Neil is easily my most regular client fishing over 30 days with me this year (not all on Permit) but we do work hard at Permit together and this pays off for my other clients as well.  
Landing over 40 this season Aug-Nov.

Barramundi are one of the fish in a Hinchinbrook Slam, again we release all of these boat side, well nearly all.

One of Neils better Permit for this year..estimated at 20lbs.

Another pretty coloured fish out of the day we boated 6 of these great fish..
On to other news we landed 3 boats in the later half of 2012, two Hewes Redfishers, one 16 and one 18. In metric these boats measure 5 metre and 5.75m. Great inshore boats, a very stable platform with great handling into the short nasty chop which is inshore boating.

The deck layout of the 16 (5m) Redfisher..  It's more than a competitor in it's market as the other boats available in this size just don't compete!

The 18 (5.7) Redfisher on the run. It's more than capable in the ocean, our guide Jon runs his 18 to the Reef off Cairns all the time.

Last but not least a 24 Pathfinder, brought in for a local GP with a young family.. A great looking boat with so much potential for use in Northern Australia.

Check out the website ..  for all the specs on the full range.