September flats fishing

Posted by Dave on Friday, 23rd September, 2011 at 9:18 PM
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September is a prime time at Hinchinbrook, Barramundi are starting to warm back into gear with rising water temps and winter rain is long gone. 

                Michael and 119cm of Queenfish
Dave and Mike made there annual Hinchinbrook week and Mike got the Golden and Queenfish he had on order, we Barra fished most of the time and I'll get some Barramundi pics off the guys as I was pretty slack with the camera.

                      Mike's 2nd Golden Trevally
Neil arrived and dragged in some cloud, we Barra fished the mudflats for some great shallow water action, close quarters and very special our best efforts were about 20 landed Barramundi in less than 2 hours in less than 2 feet of water. Not mentioning the fish that ate and spat the fly.

      Neil's 1st Permit (this trip) of 5..
We then moved on to Permit fishing the next few days, the Permit kind of won this round, 4 missed bites and 2 that simply fell off the hook.
However we landed 5 of them the biggest 2 fish came just under 90cm.

This 90cm Permit was tailing in the super shallows, no real light and smooth spooky conditions, a capture that will be long remembered..