September Permit, Barramundi and GoldenTrevally

Posted by Dave on Monday, 15th October, 2012 at 1:21 PM
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Good weather and fishing has continued right through September into October. A few days of sketchy weather with early showers and wind had us in amongst some cool sight fishing for laidup Barramundi to around 70cm. 
Watching Barra eat close to the boat and just subsurface is very cool indeed. A few Mangrove Jacks, Flathead, Javelin fish and Cod along the way.

Average sized laidup Barramundi.

The clear weather and low winds allowed time on the flats and there was plenty about.

Lots of big Golden Trevally about but at 1 metre in length Nick takes the trophy

 Nick landed 4 Permit on his trip, luckily this silly little Blocchi came along after Nick had broken off a nice Anak earlier. Feet will sometimes get in the way of an escaping flyline!

There are 2 types of Indo Pacific Permit, we get them both. Anaks grow larger in size than the Blocchi do. Both can be a challenge but more often Blocchi will attack the fly something Anak will seldom (if ever) do.

Not many days left open this year and 2013 is filling very fast. Time to book to avoid disappointment.