September Update

Posted by on Friday, 24th September, 2010 at 3:54 PM
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September is easily one of our best months at Hinchinbrook, sightfishing Barramundi has been a highlight over the last month or so and poling the new Maverick over the mudflats has allowed us multiple shots at the same group of fish and some days getting eats with the leader inside the rod tip.

A couple more days next week and I will be into the next rush of work in October.

Always a pleasure to have Nick and James onboard again, some great days and good company.

A few unusual captures this week, Mudcrabs and Sickle Fish, the Sickle was released not so lucky the buck Mudcrab!

Permit came through untouched again, follows and a bite but no solid hookups.

Coming up next year are groups off to Cuba and Florida as well as spots open at Cape York.

If you are in need of a extended trip or just a few days away to Hinchinbrook or Hervey Bay let me know as places fill quickly come the end of the year.

Dave Bradley