Tarpon USA

Posted by Dave on Sunday, 22nd July, 2012 at 12:48 PM
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My Tarpon addication has been solid now for quite a few years, it has turned into an Annual migration for a few Aussies as well as the Tarpon  themselves.

Sight casting saltwater flies to these big Atlantic Tarpon is about as tough and as exciting as fishing gets. You have to be on top of your game in so many ways, you need to be able to see the fish well ahead of time as it makes it's way towards you across a flat or down a shore line.
 You need to make long casts and then still be able to see the small fly as the fish approaches, keeping the fly in the fishes zone at the right speed and the right angle so as not to spook the fish but entice it to eat.
All this while the small poling skiff under you pitches and rolls, the wind is blowing and the biggest fish of your life is approaching faster than you initial thought.
If then it eats another chapter opens!

Two fish swam to the boat, slightyl spooked they slowly turned and swam away, Amos commented that there was a small fish tucked in tight to the bigger fish, yes there was but the small fish was 50-60lbs, then how big  was the other fish!
All in all a great trip, met a few  new friends and fun guys. Ryan from Avid Angler in Seattle and Rick Ruoff a long time guide friend of Harry Spear's. Meeting these guys from across the globe and hearing about their different fisheries is a great part of being a dedicated fly guide and Tarpon addict.

Lots more stories and shots but where do you stop....

      And just to be sure we could find it all next year we marked our spot.....

A big thanks to Gjuro Bruer, Doug and Meagan from Salted Flats Charters and Harry Spear and his lovely family for looking after the Aussie Invasion while they were in town.