The Season ends

Posted by on Friday, 10th December, 2010 at 11:06 AM
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Come mid December things are all but done, Xmas is fast approaching, temperatures are rising and afternoon storms remind you that you live in the Tropics.

I finished the year off here at Hinchinbrook fishing with a couple of guide friends, Justin Duggan (Sydney Flyfishing) arrived with his good friend Kaz, we had an inflow of freshwater in the Channel which limited us a little but a good time was had and plenty of guide talk (rubbish) followed.

Looking over Justins range of EP Flies, check his site for more details

Kaz and I talk tatics..the result below

Away from the mangroves...

A short clip from Justin, Tuna fishing follows the short tip.

A drink with friends to end the trip....

Graeme Williams from Insight Flyfishing turned up shortly after for a brief visit, with many rivers still running fresh the permit fishing was limited to one flat, however we had a blast on Tarpon and Barramundi in the shallows and a few Queenfish on the flats.

A drive down to Hervey Bay to fish a couple of regular clients will see me home just in time to see Santa climb down off the roof.

Best wishes for the New Year.

Dave Bradley