A couple of short videos shot while fishing Hinchinbrook...

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Our good friends Justin and Kaz shot these couple, there is a little talk on how to's and then some little fishing clips. 

We have done a few episodes with Andventure Angler TV, a couple of links will give you just a short look at the place.

Some other short clips, we are always putting a few little things together. Mostly just for fun

A Milkfish video from Cape York..

The Next few are definately just for fun.. but it does give you an idea of what we do .. Hinchinbrook and Florida




One more about our mate Harry Spear...


Print articles are something we don't do much of, Clint writes some travel based articles for FlyLife and you might find some searching back through their issues.
Dave & Nat have both had a variety of articles and photographs published in a number of magazines including Australias premier flyfishing journal, Flylife. 


In addition to this they have both hosted a wide range of fishing writers and photographers and continue to do so - a selection of these plus Nat and Daves features appear in the following publications -